a quick bio

          Hello Friends! To start out, I was born and raised in blossoming Greenville, South Carolina. I have loved growing up here and watching the upstate grow as a community of artists and entrepreneurs. Throughout my childhood, I always held a natural bend toward art-making whether it was in the art classroom or doodling through all my other classes. I attended Bob Jones University and earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with a 2D Studio Art focus in 2014. Currently, I employ a large portion of my skillset through photography and illustration in the upstate. For me, creating art provides a sense of fulfillment and purpose. And thankfully I can pursue that from the comfort of my home most of the time.

          You can often find me inside playing with my sweet cats, Nina (right) and Laurel (too spunky for clear photos), and spending time with friends kayaking at Lake Jocassee, road tripping, and exploring nature.

          My photography background started when I was a junior in high school and through some act of faith, a friend asked me to take her wedding photos while I had no background or experience in that type of photoshoot. I showed up that day with my basic Canon Rebel (borrowed from a friend) and shot my first wedding! That day quickly turned into a learning experience that would help me through numerous weddings in the future and I couldn't be more thankful for the faith my friend had in me. My style grew and changed over the years and became the natural light lifestyle photography I shoot today. I love meeting new people and working with them in front of my lens. I want to make my clients feel as comfortable as they can, because let's be honest, who loves having a lens pointed at themselves for a number of hours? If we have a session and you consider me a friend afterwards, then I've done my job well. 

          If you have any questions about me or the things I love to do, please reach out in the form through the contact section of this website. 

©Eli Warren Photographer

©Eli Warren Photographer